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Spaceking SuperPolice: A Novel

spacekingsuperpolice“McCall! MCCALL! Answer me, damn you!”

“McCall to base,” came the gravelly reply. “I hear you, Lieutenant.”

“MCCall, you stand down NOW, mister. You stand now now!”

“La, la, la,” said McCall. “La, la. I can’t hear you. Got my fingers in my ears, Lieutenant. It’s time to end this.”

“McCall, damn you! You call yourself a SuperPoliceman? Think of your unit! Think of the Spacekings!”

“I *am* thinking of my unit, Lieutenant. I’m the last of the Spacekings. The others are all dead. They died doing what they loved. They died being radical.”

“McCall, you drive that monster truck through the event horizon of that black hole and there’s no telling what could happen! You could tear a hole through space and time and end everything in the universe!”

“Or I could end Happy Hour for the Jiminez Cartel, forever,” came McCall’s reply. Through the radio, the revving of his truck’s engine could be heard, barely audible above the din of the AC/DC pumping from the monster truck’s killer full-bed stereo.

“McCall! MCCall!”

“Sorry, Lieutenant,” said Bryce McCall. “But I’m about to put this bitch in drive. Or I’m not fit to wear the uniform of a Righteous Top Driver.”

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One Response to “Spaceking SuperPolice: A Novel”

  • Coming soon from Samurai Press… and by “coming soon,” we mean “eventually.” SPACEKING SUPERPOLICE: An as-yet-not-written book that answers the question, “Can a Chinese toy covered in lead paint and Engrish decals inspire a badly-written, barely-plotted action novel?”