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Spaceking SuperPolice: A Novel

Friday, 20 March, 2015

“McCall! MCCALL! Answer me, damn you!” “McCall to base,” came the gravelly reply. “I hear you, Lieutenant.” “MCCall, you stand down NOW, mister. You stand now now!” “La, la, la,” said McCall. “La, la. I can’t hear you. Got my fingers in my ears, Lieutenant. It’s time to end this.” “McCall, damn you! You call [...]

Welcome to Samurai Press!

Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

Samurai Press is a small-press, independent publisher specializing in adventure fiction and martial non-fiction .  Unlike some “presses” who produce photocopied, stapled pamphlets that have no legitimate standing as “books,” we do not take shortcuts. Our publications have ISBN numbers and, where applicable, bar codes.  They are, in other words, real books, whether they are e-books [...]